With long days and summer, so is barbecue season.  Many utilize their barbecue all year round.


If this is your first barbecue or you are thinking about upgrading, here are a few things to consider.


Size. Barbecues come in many sizes. Think about how you plan to use your barbecue and where you will store it. If you’re barbecuing for one or two, a portable unit could be perfect. If you’re always entertaining or cooking for a large family, an outdoor kitchen might be the answer. Also, remember condos and apartment living may restrict the size of your barbecue because of storage space and may prohibit the use of charcoal.


Fuel. There are three main options — charcoal, propane and natural gas. Charcoal provides great flavour but takes longer to prepare. Propane is quicker, but you always have to keep an eye on your tank to avoid running out during cooking. A natural gas barbecue connects right to your gas line, eliminating the concerns about running out. You can also purchase a dual fuel barbecue and enjoy charcoal or gas — whatever you prefer.


Temperature control. With gas grilling, practice makes perfect. Try a few trial runs alternating the burners as required to reach and hold the desired temperature. You may only need to have a burner or two on to reach the desired temperature.


A good temperature probe is a must since the temperature at the grille will likely be higher than the temperature at the thermostat location in the hood. 

With a charcoal grille, most temperature control is dealt with in two ways — the amount of charcoal and the lower intake vents. Opening them will provide more heat, while closing them may virtually smother the charcoal even if the top exhaust vents are open.


Whatever you are cooking with, remember in some cases you are looking for direct heating (heat directly below) and sometimes indirect meaning strictly barbecue temperature.


Burners. Many types of burners are available, generally named for their shape or design such as H burners, oval burners and bar burners. They can be made out of aluminized steel; porcelain-coated, cast iron, brass or stainless steel. All will be designed with the shape of the cook-box in mind, so similar replacements must be used. Cleaning and regular use will help to extend the life of your burners.


The showroom is packed with options for Gas & Charcoal Barbecues, Smokers, Patio Heaters, Flame Table and more.


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